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Vivint Security Monitor in Allentown
September 23, 2021

Could I install a security camera as a baby monitor in Allentown?

Could I install a security camera as a baby monitor in Allentown?

In the process of assembling your baby’s room, you carefully followed steps to build the crib, painted the walls a soothing pastel, and established a fully-stocked diaper-changing area. You’re now ready to figure out how you want to watch over your precious one. You have the option of going with the conventional baby monitor that allows you to listen in through a connected audio receiver, or you might step up the tech and use HD video, two-way talk, and activation motion detection.

The higher tech alternative may make you think of surveillance systems incorporated in a comprehensive home security system, but should you use a security camera as a baby monitor in Allentown? 

What do you want in a baby monitor in Allentown?

In the olden days, a baby monitor was pretty simple. You place a microphone-type device on a table next to the sleeping area, transmitting sound to a receiver that looks like a walkie talkie. However, baby monitors now offer many more features. For example, many monitors now offer high-definition video feeds and two-way talk. You may even connect some monitors to Wi-Fi so you are able to roam all over the house. The leading baby monitors in Allentown are so advanced that they mimic indoor security cameras in both capabilities and expense.

Would you replace your baby monitor with an indoor security camera?

Knowing that baby monitors and home defense cameras share many of the same features, you will find many people in Allentown integrating their nursery to their home security system. This approach is beneficial -- specifically if you’re upgrading to innovative Vivint systems -- as your baby monitor now has:

HD video with low-light capability: Your monitoring device should have at minimum 1080p high-definition imaging, and infrared LED technology for night vision.

2-way communications: Sometimes, you don't need to go to the nursery to quiet your baby back to a gentle slumber. A comforting word might be all you need to keep bundle of joy asleep.

Motion sensors: While you can have your camera stay on constantly to watch your baby sleep, your attentiveness might begin to waver. Conversely, if your video surveillance notices unexpected movements, you can configure it to deliver a notification to your mobile device. You will appreciate this when the baby soundlessly scales out of the crib or if your curious cat wanders into the room.

Recording capabilities: The majority of baby monitors don’t record portions of video. Now you have the ability to deliver a short segment to friends or family members to allow them a glimpse of what a peaceful, precious baby you have.

Watch on your mobile device: Instead of lugging a separate device with you, you can view your child from your home security app. You can even touch base with your child and sitter when you go for a date night.

A security camera baby monitor is part of your integrated smart home plan

The nice thing about using a security camera as a baby monitor in Allentown is that it can link to your other smart home components. As an illustration, if you observe that your baby is having trouble falling asleep, you are able to adjust your integrated thermostat from your smartphone app to get a more pleasant temperature. Additionally, when they wake up for their midnight feeding, you can gently raise the room's smart bulbs to show you will be there soon. In the event you have two or more small children in unconnected areas, you can supply each one a camera and monitor the video in a unified cell phone application.

An indoor security camera in Allentown is an important aspect of your home’s complete security and automation package

If you would like a home security camera to use as a baby monitor or just want one for your home defense, start by calling Secure24 Alarm Systems. A Vivint expert will carefully explain all the possibilities and work hard to configure the right security system for your unique needs. Simply dial (601) 298-3167 or submit the form below.